Cyber Security Services in Miami

Cyber Security Assessments & Solutions


As businesses increase their dependence on technology, the health and security of your computer network is more important than ever.

Commonly called cyber security, Empower IT takes pride in engineering real world solutions to real world threats. We assess your existing security infrastructure and then implement solutions to ensure your network is completely secure from all kinds of cyber attacks. From robust firewalls and best in class antivirus anti malware solutions, to penetration testing and web traffic monitoring and filtering, we can provide peace of mind that your network and data are safe.

With quantifiable reporting and compliance certifications, we are the team of dedicated and reliable security experts you need in your corner.

Services include:

  • Security Assessment – We engage as a third party to provide an unbiased security assessment of an environment.
    • *Also available for HIPAA and PCI compliance as specialized compliance testing.
  • Solution Engineering – If a risk is identified, we can engineer solutions to close the gaps and evaluate the validity of the solution after deployed.
  • Penetration Testing – Do you want to confirm how robust your Intrusion detection solutions are – or how hardened your environment really is? We can help! We put our “black hats” on and work with your team to identify security vulnerabilities to secure you before there is a breach.
  • Comprehensive Auditing – When a “high-level overview” simply is not deep enough, a comprehensive security audit can help drill into the fundamentals of security policies and compliance within an organization. A rigorous investment into the fundamentals of a firm’s security management and policies can often mitigate risks associated with future growth.